I have almost a life long love of photography and with it a broad range of subjects. I love flipping through photo books (of which I amassed quite a collection over time) and reading about other photographers almost as much as creating my own work.

Despite the broad interest in subjects, last couple of years I found mostly myself enjoying shooting landscapes and being outdoor in nature, together with the travel that came with it. To that extend I have been traveling for the past 5 years as much as possible to different parts of the world to capture images.

In many occasions I strive for simplicity, even minimalism sometimes. Winter landscapes tend to help towards that end, which is where I find a lot of my destinations.

In travel weight and size of the equipment become important, especially when traveling in the air with multiple layovers etc. as there is one ground rule: never check-in your photography gear and always keep your equipment as carry on!
This is why I decided many years ago to ditch my DSLR’s and go all in with the Olympus OMD mirrorless system. These camera’s offer the perfect balance between IQ and portability. Their Zuiko Pro lenses are amongst the best out there and their innovations are a joy for landscape photography, LiveTime or the HighRes mode to name two. I use these all the time. It’s also a plus their bodies are build like a tank, they have worked flawlessly in any hot or freezing, wet or dusty environment I found myself into. I can truly trust this equipment to perform every time!

That being said, I'm not a brand fanatic. I shoot with equipment I enjoy shooting. As said ease of use and portability have become equally important to image quality but ultimately there's only 1 thing that matters and that's the images… they always outlast the equipment :)

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