There used to be a page with an elaborate text full of info on how it all started out for me. How I became interested in photography and how it evolved during my teens up until now. Gone now, who's interested in that anyway?

The last couple of years I was so tired of lugging around all the time with a big bag of DSLR equipment that I found myself going out less and less. Luckily technology came to the rescue and with the ever increasing quality of smaller camera's like compacts, the mirrorless models, I found myself using those more often. 
Then I got hold of the first M8 digital rangefinder from the "magical" Leica factory. I liked it so much that after a few weeks I decided to sell all the DSLR equipment I had at the time. Up until now I have not regretted it. After that I upgraded to an M9, then an M typ240.
But in the meantime Olympus came into the picture with their nice M43 system. Slim, mean, DSLR qualities, superb optics [and lots to choose from], lightweight… well it has become my preferred system of choice to use for nearly all my photography.

I'm not a brand fanatic. I shoot with equipment I
enjoy shooting. Ease of use and portability of my equipment have become equally important to image quality. Pixel-Peeing is in itself not a bad thing but it keeps a lot of people stuck behind a computer monitor instead of out there making images!

All this means is that the camera is not important. But on the other hand at some level it is, as for me personally I like to "bond" with the equipment I'm using. If the equipment is working against me in some way, like being too big, heavy or a hassle to operate, then I start looking for something else instead... simple.

In the meantime there's only 1 thing that matters and that's the images… they always outlast the equipment :)